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Learn French Online With Avani

Avani conducts online French Classes in the most interactive way with lots of fun activities for students to enhance your pronunciation, reading, writing and listening skills.

Female Students

My Story

Avani is highly motivated to make French easy and fun for everyone. She has authored 2 french books with which she attempts to bring a simplified beginner level approach that not only helps students learn French basics but also teaches them how to pronounce French words with very creative English and Hindi translations. Avani has now been teaching French for more than 10 years now and has used her ingenious approach to help over 4000 students in learning French.

Beginner A1

New to French? No problem we got you covered. This course will help you learn everything about the language right from scratch.

Intermediate A2

Got some basic knowledge of verbs and how basic communication is done in french and want to explore more. This course has got you covered.

Advanced B1

Want to improve your communication and writing skills in French? This got you covered.

Professional B2

Want to polish your communication skills in French. This master course will help you make you fluent in this language.


Planning to emigrate to Canada? 

This tailored course is just for those who want to boost their PR application scores.

DELF A1 to B2 + TEF

French Accelerator Course: DELF A1 to B2 + TEF in One Year



Single Exam for French linguistic proficiency for those going to immigrate to France / Canada


Proficiency test in French, which access your communication skills in real situations


Classes from 5 to 12 including CBSE French exams, lessons and curriculum

Canada PR

Migrating to a French speaking country like Canada for study or employment


Admission in a French University


French opens new avenues for employment

Meet your Instructor

Our Happy Students

Hear from some of our students from our growing tribe of 4000+ 

She is an excellent tutor, always includes many activities in the class and it is always fun to be in her class, we learn so much and, the 2 hours of the class get over in no time.



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