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Intermediate A2

Course Objectives

  • Understand single sentences and frequently used phrases related to immediate priority areas (for example, simple personal and family information, shopping, nearby environment, work).​

  • Can communicate during simple and usual tasks requiring only a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and usual subjects.​

  • Can describe with simple means his training, his immediate environment and evoke subjects that correspond to immediate needs


1.1. Talk about the past

       1.1.1. The imperfect and the compound past

       1.1.2. Past irregular participles

       1.1.3. Time expressions do that - there is ... that, during, there is

       1.1.4. pronominal verbs with a compound past tense and verbs with a double auxiliary

1.2. Talking about things and people

       1.2.1. Relative pronouns

       1.2.2. The possessive pronouns

       1.2.3. Direct and indirect pronouns

       1.2.4. The comparison (quantity)

       1.2.5. Undefined adjectives and pronouns

       1.2.6. The pronouns en and y

       1.2.7. complex negation (do ... nothing, do ... more, never ... never, do ... nobody, do ... none)

1.3. Talk about your actions

      1.3.1. The progressive present and the recent past

1.4. Talking about the future

      1.4.1. The simple future - the near future

      1.4.2. The simple future of irregular verbs - pronoun y



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