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Beginner A1

Course Objectives

  • Understand and use everyday and everyday expressions as well as very simple statements aimed at meeting concrete needs​

  • Know how to introduce yourself or someone​

  • Be able to ask a person questions about them and answer the same type of questions​

  • Communicate in a simple way if the interlocutor speaks slowly and clearly


1.1. To present oneself

         1.1.1. Who am I

         1.1.2. Nationalities

         1.1.3. Countries and cities

         1.1.4. Age

         1.1.5. The negotiation

         1.1.6. Ask a question with which

         1.1.7. Total interrogation

         1.1.8. Partial interrogation

1.2. Talk about your activities

         1.2.1. Do (an activity)

         1.2.2. The days of the week

         1.2.3. Reflexive verbs

         1.2.4. Verbs come and go

         1.2.5. Tonic pronouns

         1.2.6. The near future

1.3. Request and propose

         1.3.1. Demonstrative adjectives

         1.3.2. The verbs power, duty and want

1.4. To describe

         1.4.1. It is and it is

         1.4.2. Possessive adjectives

         1.4.3. Professions

         1.4.4. Qualifying adjectives

         1.4.5. There is

         1.4.6. The comparison

1.5. Advise someone

         1.5.1. The imperative

         1.5.2. Duty and power in the conditional

1.6. Talking about food

         1.6.1. Definite and indefinite articles

         1.6.2. Partitive articles, quantities

1.7. Talking about the weather

         1.7.1. The impersonal form: it

         1.7.2. Talking about the seasons, the prepositions

1.8. Talk about the past

        1.8.1. Past tense

        1.8.2. Days, months

Course Duration: 2 Months

Course Fee: INR 12,000

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