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Beginner A1

New to French? No problem we got you covered. This course will help you learn everything about the language right from scratch.


Intermediate A2

Got some basic knowledge of verbs and how basic communication is done in french and want to explore more. This course has got you covered.

Advanced B1

Want to improve your communication and writing skills in French? This got you covered.


Professional B2

Want to polish your communication skills in French. This master course will help you make you fluent in this language.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a free class ?

We provide a demo class before you enroll to a class and yes it is free. Please click here to book a demo class with us at a time of your convenience

Do you provide group classes or individual ?

Classes are conducted in groups as we believe any language is best learnt by interactions with your peers.

How do you charge the students ?

Students don’t have to pay anything at all for the demo class. You just need to register and if you like the demo, then you can pay for the course. We accept bank transfer, Google Pay and PayTM

Do you provide any certificate ?

No, we do not provide any kind of certificate because none of the certificates are valid in a language course except the certificates offered by their respective esteemed institutes which are very few. But our teacher will guide you how to get yourself certified. Please don’t fall prey to fake certificates online they hold no value in the job market. Learn more about these certificates from the teacher.

Will we get the study material too and is it included in the course fee ?

Yes you will, including e-books and audio clips of your respective language plus a lot of links to watch online and a lot of reference books to buy.

​Yes, e-books and audio clips are included in the course fee.

How are these classes conducted ?

The classes are conducted on Zoom. The classes are very interactive and the teacher will write notes, share class material, chat, do activities and much more!

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