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Why learn French?

While we now understand the value of learning a new language. A new and a bigger question arises. WHY SHOULD we learn French ? In order to answer this very why, we need to delve into the various aspects and benefits of learning this language , which in the opinion of many is a very beautiful language . With what will be shared hereon we have enumerated upon maximum possible aspects in an unbiased manner to ensure you make the right decision of learning French.

1. Spoken across all 5 continents French is one of the most widely spoken language with a population of 280 million people comprising native and secondary speakers spread across all 5 continents of the world. Learning French would provide an additional language for interactions. 2 One foreign language not enough. In an era of increasing globalization and boundaries in terms of people interaction and commerce increasingly getting fused, having knowledge of just one foreign language will not be sufficient. 2. Career Asset With France being the world’s fifth largest economy and also a lot of assignments by multinational organizations having a specific requirement for French proficient professionals. Learning French would provide a big boost for careers of professionals across industries. 3. Language of world bodies. For people with a varied educational backgrounds, some of the best jobs in world are with global organizations such as European Union, United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organsiation (UNESCO) , International Red Cross, International Olympic Committee, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and International court of Justice. All these organizations have French as their official language. 4. Access to world class education in France. In the desire to get world class education, youth these days are ready to go overseas . France offers high quality education across fields that too at a comparatively lower cost, however having the knowledge of French is required. Knowing French would open doors of world class education at lower costs! It makes an excellent proposition to learn a language which is itself a value addition besides exposure to great learning. 5. For English speakers, a good difficulty to benefit ratio Around 75% of the French vocabulary is similar to English, which makes it a lot easier to hone up the skills on the language enabling a more fluent and quality expression in French. The lexical and grammatical similarities between French and other languages like Spanish makes it easier to learn other languages after one has gained the grasp over the French language. 6. Better travelling experience France and many French speaking countries have some of the must visit tourist destinations. A good knowledge of French is indeed very helpful in ensuring that the experience remains cherished for the rest of the life. As your travel, knowledge of French will potentially provide you the ability to understand the culture history heritage and people of these French speaking territories. A priceless experience simply by learning a language called French. 7. Better understanding of the English language. Though we all have studied English from our Kindergarten classes, however learning the French language would provide for a greater understanding of the English Language as the origin of a lot of English language words originates from French, or there exists a degree of commonality amongst them. 8. Unlocking yourself to richness of French culture and literature France historically has had a great impetus to culture and literature. Some of the most well known poets, literary works, books have their origin and roots in France. Having a proficiency in French Language provides you with the richness of art , culture and literature which is completely incomparable.


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