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How hard is TEF Canada?

If you want this test to be beneficial to you, you'll need to master certain basic abilities (reaching level 7 at the minimum). As a result, when you begin studying for this exam, you must already have knowledge of French language because there are multiple-choice quizzes, listening and reading assessments are usually not too challenging. You can get a good grade without having to work too hard if you practice speaking and listening on a regular basis.

The active aspects (writing and speaking) are, however, more difficult.

To succeed in this section, you'll need to grasp a lot of rules and grammatical structures in written French. You can't fake it when it comes to speaking. You must go through the other blogs where i have updated the list of questions which come regularly in writing and speaking section. Once you know the format you can study these topics a little more scientifically and sail through the exam. Hard work is important but what is as important is smart work.

Both sections (A and B) will need you to participate in everyday life-like simulations (both formal and informal), using suitable structures and addressing the examiner properly. When asking inquiries, you must be specific and confident.


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